AllMaritim AS

Stall No: 15B

AllMaritim is a leading international supplier of high-quality Oil Spill Response Solutions and Equipment. Our TEAM consist of highly dedicated personnel with a wide range of marine and maritime experience. With a systematic approach to the oil spill challenge, AllMaritim focus on complete solutions. Read More

Bahrain Maintenance and Diving Service Company (BMDS)

Stall No: 42A

BAHRAIN MAINTENANCE AND DIVING SERVICES COMPANY (BMDS) was initially established in 1976 by three pioneers to provide Professional Diving Services mainly to cater services to the large established companies like The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO).Read More


Stall No: 42

We offer a total solution to clean up oil spills. Our total solution includes booms, bladders, power packs and of course one of our mechanical down-draft systems; designed for near shore, harbor, river, lake and offshore conditions. Our down-draft systems can be deployed and stored without assembly.Read More


Stall No: 37A

Founded by BP in 1967, Vikoma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of oil and environmental control solutions. Now celebrating 50 years, Vikoma is renowned world-wide as an industry leader for providing reliable and innovative environmental solutions. Read More